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 Water Rowing Machines



water rower

Water Rowing machines are not the same as the regular rowing machines and are not only great for aerobic workouts, but they also work all of your body’s major muscle groups.

Water rowers feature a tank that is actually filled with water as a means for resistance, and perform like a boat moving through water. As you increase the pace of rowing, the resistance naturally increases as well. This means that you can set your own pace and resistance in a single motion.

Rowing is a natural motion, and is therefore fairly easy for anyone to pick up and do properly. Also, rowing is a low-impact exercise, meaning that the potential for injuries to your joints is lower than on such machines as treadmills. 

A properly executed row works leg biceps, leg triceps, calves, buttocks, lower abs, upper abs, lower back, obliques, upper back (lats), neck (traps), rear shoulder (deltoids), outer deltoids, triceps, biceps, and forearms. It even hits the front deltoids and lower pectorals. So a full Body workout in one is guaranteed.